I started Village Fresh in 2019; it all began at a time in my life when I began to have more interest in taking great care of my skin and my overall health. I had tried other skincare products on the market, some of these products on the market have several chemicals that I could not pronounce nor had I heard of before. That’s when I decided to go back to my roots.
I was born and raised in Ghana (West Africa), where my parents and almost everyone in the country use shea butter, cocoa butter and African black soap as skincare products. I went back to my roots and started working to find the right mix of shea butter and cocoa butter with other natural oils. Using the products on my skin made me look and feel better. Skin glowing, skin smooth and skin moisturized. From there I was hooked and wanted to share this great gift with everyone!
I made it my mission to make products from only natural products, no chemicals and preservatives. These products can be used by anyone, if you have skin, these products are for you!
I hope you find what you need and enjoy it as much as I do.